Intel produced a short film on Zoe Keating, where she describes building a world with music. Well, maybe describes isn’t the right word, because as she says: “You can’t actually describe it with words because…that’s why it’s music.”  Anyway, here’s what she has to say about it:

A couple of weeks before I left to go on tour, a crew came north to the forest to shoot a short documentary about me. Most interviews have tended to focus on either the technology I use, the business of my career or my use of social media.  So it was refreshing, and anomalous, to be asked about music for once. The video crew wanted to know about my artistic life and inspiration and point of view. But what makes the video even more unusual is that this wasn’t made by an indy documentarian or a media outlet….but by Intel as part of their Visual Life campaign.

If you know me, you already know that I don’t do endorsements (well, to be honest, no one has ever asked) and that I choose my licensing clients very carefully (you’ll never hear my music in a Coca Cola ad for example). So for the record, I was not paid to do this video. So far everyone I’ve met at Intel has been genuinely interested in and supportive of the arts. So if they want to highlight that support with their campaign, I think its a rare example of corporate intent and artistic purpose dovetailing. I’m ok with it.

It’s beautifully done and I think they captured me and my artistic life extremely well (although I find it hard to watch myself on video without putting my fingers in my ears and diving off my chair to hide under the table every 30 seconds). Thank you Intel.

Hope you enjoy it.

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