Heard back from Bengt at 2BOX and updated the original post with the following information:

1. Have you found a US distributor?

We have some leads we are working on but we are not in a rush as we need to ramp up production before entering the US market. At this time we are pretty back-ordered in Europe.

2. When will they be generally available in:

a. Europe — They are available now in limited quantities.
b. US — Nothing decided, see above.
c. Elsewhere? — During Spring time.

3. What will be the MSRP and expected street price in Euros and US Dollars for the DrumIt Five?

For US there is no price set yet. In Europe street price is €1990:-

4. What will be standard pad sizes for the DrumIt Five?

For now 10 and 12. Later we will add 8 and 14 inch.

5. Will there be any colors available other than orange?

For now – only orange.