Ready to Rumble: A Birthday Tribute to Link Wray

Like some other guitar pioneers who came out of Washington DC, Link Wray was an artist who garnered more respect from other musicians than from the general public. (See also: Danny Gatton, and “The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World”, Roy Buchanan.)  Born as Fred Lincoln Wray on May 2, 1929, the Gibson Site offers up a nice tribute.

Pop-cultural instruments for data expression and exploration

Now that we’ve reminded you what Color TV looked like back in 1978, the folks at Bloom are ready to show you what music looks like in 2011.  You will need an iPad of course, but the app — just released today —  is free, and easy:

The concept of Planetary is simple. Your iPad music collection is visualized as a galaxy. Stars are artists. Planets are albums. Moons are tracks. Go Explore!

~ Planetary – Bloom Studio, Inc.

That’s pretty much the entire help file, once the music starts just tap and swipe your way around the galaxy — you’ll never look at music the same way again.