Plus: Just 2 Days Left for the OpenMic.US Aspire Cajon Give-Away

Every home needs a cajon.  Mine quickly became the loudest and most fun (or most annoying, depending on where you are sitting) seat in the house.  LP has been expanding their lineup, and the Kevin Ricard model is one of the best-sounding boxes yet.

LP artist Kevin Ricard is one of the most visible percussionists performing today, thanks to his spot in the house band on the Tonight Show. Prior to that he was on American Ido where he was frequently featured “up front,” expressively accompanying Idol contestants on a cajon and other percussion instruments.Now, LP is proud to offer a cajon that’s as dynamic and versatile as its namesake. Designed in collaboration with master cajon maker Mario Cortés, the Kevin Ricard Cajon is made in the Flamenco style, which utilizes internal wires (rather than a loose or adjustable front plate) to add crispness and definition to the low fundamental tone produced by the body of the cajon.

With an overall size of 18-¼” x 12-¼” x 12-¼”, the Kevin Ricard Cajon features specially cut corners on the top and bottom. These corners, in turn, create a uniquely shaped rear panel that provides added punch and a more focused and articulate bass sound.

A unique element of the Kevin Ricard Cajon is its adjustable port. By means of a sliding baffle, the port can be fully opened or partly closed in order to adjust the pitch and the volume of the bass sound.

~ LP

You have until September 30 to enter the OpenMic.US Aspire Cajon Give-Away, or you can buy the Kevin Ricard model by clicking on the pic below.  Once it arrives, take a seat and check out Kevin’s Cajon Basics lesson on the LP site.

Latin Percussion Kevin Ricard Cajon

Latin Percussion Kevin Ricard Cajon