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FMC #7: Best of Future of Music Summit 2010 – The Fammys

As October spins down, MMT wraps up our first-ever Future of Music Month with the Fammy Awards, recognizing the best of the 2010 Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit. Best Reverb: T Bone Burnett - for his conversation with Greg Kot, which echoed throughout the Summit and blogosphere long after he left the stage. Best [...]

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FMC #5: T Bone Burnett vs. the Hypebot Commenters

"Would you consider the possibility that I wasn't saying something stupid?" On Tuesday, Hypebot posted the T Bone Burnett videos I shot at the FMC Policy Summit, which drew some spirited comments from their readers.  Yesterday, T Bone was in flight, and spent about an hour replying to many of those comments. T Bone showed [...]

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