SXSW debrief at DC Music Industry Meetup on 3/29/2012

The Metro Music Source & DC Setlist will be hosting a SXSW debrief panel discussion this Thursday, March 29th at The Dunes as part of their monthly music industry meet-up event. Fresh from their return from Austin, Texas, Ryan Holladay of BLUEBRAIN, the Listen Local First team, and promoter Sasha Lord will be sharing their [...]

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Bleu: MMT Featured Artist

SXSW: Showcase > Panel > House Concert - All Bleu, All the Time It's all about the songs. Forget The Voice, American Idol, X Factor.  There are plenty of talented singers out there, but can any of them write a song that will be remembered fifteen minutes from now?  That's where Bleu comes in. A [...]

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Free HD video production and global distribution for your music If you're making music the world needs to hear, and your best concert footage was captured on a flip-phone, you should check out Founded by brothers Chris and Nick Hansen, works with emerging artists to capture performances in HD video and high-quality audio [...]

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Goldheart Assembly: MMT Featured Artist

Walking down 6th street in Austin, it was James Dale's  voice that called me up to the 512 Rooftop. Once there, it was all of Goldheart Assembly that won me over with strong melodies, tight harmonies, and well-crafted pop songs.  Their performance earned them the MMT Sammy Award for Best Debut (Foreign) at SXSW 2011. [...]

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#SXSW Ate my Flickrstream!! (And my YouTube Channel)

With new sets featuring The Bravery, Panic! at the Disco, and Tres Mts., the MMT flickrstream is now composed entirely of SXSW shots: And with new video of The Strokes performing "Last Nite" and an extended edition of "Shooting Holes" from Twin Shadow, the MMT YouTube channel has been gobbled up as [...]

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Best of SXSW 2011> MMT Sammy Awards

South by is like Mardi Gras at Disneyland: you're surrounded by music and bacchanalian revelry, and there is no way to see it all in one day.  Or five.  With thousands of artists and dozens of simultaneous shows, one person can only absorb a fraction of the festivities.  MMT went to SXSW planning to be [...]

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Who needs Cee Lo?: A SXSW Street Performance of F*U

At SXSW there are official showcases and unofficial performances.  Then there's the street - that's where we found AG & the Rough Draft drawing the crowd into a spirited version of "F#<k You" last night.  They drove down from Illinois with a mic, djembe, and an acoustic guitar to fill the void left by Cee Lo [...]

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Last Nite at SXSW: Twin Shadow, The Strokes, Fireworks!

The Strokes seemed  genuinely happy to be back at SXSW, and the 20,000 plus in attendance at Auditorium Shores were obviously excited to see them return.  The Strokes delivered an energetic set that featured two singles from the new album (due out March 22) and closed with a three-song encore.  The evening ended [...]

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