Who needs Cee Lo?: A SXSW Street Performance of F*U

At SXSW there are official showcases and unofficial performances.  Then there's the street - that's where we found AG & the Rough Draft drawing the crowd into a spirited version of "F#<k You" last night.  They drove down from Illinois with a mic, djembe, and an acoustic guitar to fill the void left by Cee Lo [...]

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Win Tickets to See and Meet the Fab Faux in DC!

Performing with the Hogs Head Horns and Creme Tangerine Strings Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in its entirety and a full set of fan favorites Go to the brand new MMT Facebook page to enter for a chance to win two tickets to see the Fab Faux at Lisner Auditorium in DC on 4/15/2011.  [...]

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iPhone Performance Apps: iShred, Guitar & PianoStudio

FDG Celebrates Verizon on iPhone with Music Apps Sale To welcome Verizon iPhone users, Frontier Design Group (FDG) has all of their music apps on sale this week for $0.99.  That's an 80% discount for iShred, GuitarStudio, and PianoStudio, which are normally priced at $4.99. If you miss the sale, go ahead and spend the [...]

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Cover my World #5: The Beatles Complete on Ukelele

We last looked at the Best Covers of 2010.  Before that was a list of covers that eclipse the originals.  We started with artists covering themselves and Amanda Palmer’s ukulele take on Radiohead.  Now we begin 2011 with the most ambitious cover project we have yet discovered (via Interstate Live). The Beatles Complete on Ukulele [...]

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The White Stripes: Officially Ended

The White Stripes announced that "today, February 2nd, 2011, their band has officially ended and will make no further new recordings or perform live." The White Stripes do not belong to Meg and Jack anymore. The White Stripes belong to you now and you can do with it whatever you want. The beauty of art [...]

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15 Must-Have iPad Music Apps for the Professional Musician

This guest post is by Chris Taylor (@miccontrolchris) of MicControl, a music blogging community that bridges the gap between musicians and music bloggers. The holiday season is officially over and one gadget that seemed to be on top of the world's holiday list was the iPad. Rightfully so; after the operating system update in November [...]

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Cover My World #4: Best Covers – 2010

As we look back on 2010, we see a few loose ends here at MMT, and none looser than our "Cover My World" series.  We left left you last September with a list of covers that eclipse the originals.  Before that, we looked at artists covering themselves and Amanda Palmer's ukulele take on Radiohead. Onward! [...]

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Margot MacDonald: Using Electronics for the Forces of Good

Rock & Roll Hotel Modern Times Christmas Show - Thu 12/23 7PM Among the many acts at the Rock & Roll Hotel on Thursday will be Margot MacDonald: DC native, product of Duke Ellington High School, and recent Artist-in-Residence at the Music Center at Strathmore.  Some singers use vocoders, auto-tune, compression, and other effects to [...]

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Free Friday: Christen Lien It’s Not a Violin Edition

The Viola Should Never Be Called a Violin Christen Lien is a classically trained violist who uses guitar effects and live looping to expand the expressive power of the instrument and create original compositions that transcend genres.  And she can play. The viola is typically seen as a bridesmaid to the violin, but with her [...]

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