Erin McKeown and Slung-lo: Whose hit is it anyway?

Where does inspiration stop and infringement begin? Erin McKeown is a two-time MMT Fammy winner, featured performer, and former Free Friday pick. And she writes hit songs. Allegedly. You'll see. Her essay below originally appeared in Techdirt, where it garnered over 140 comments, split between supporters and detractors of her copyright suit. Over on, [...]

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SXSW debrief at DC Music Industry Meetup on 3/29/2012

The Metro Music Source & DC Setlist will be hosting a SXSW debrief panel discussion this Thursday, March 29th at The Dunes as part of their monthly music industry meet-up event. Fresh from their return from Austin, Texas, Ryan Holladay of BLUEBRAIN, the Listen Local First team, and promoter Sasha Lord will be sharing their [...]

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Bleu: MMT Featured Artist

SXSW: Showcase > Panel > House Concert - All Bleu, All the Time It's all about the songs. Forget The Voice, American Idol, X Factor.  There are plenty of talented singers out there, but can any of them write a song that will be remembered fifteen minutes from now?  That's where Bleu comes in. A [...]

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Cover My World: Super Sunday Spectacular!

Walk off the Earth covers Goyte & a special Madonna cover from Jane Lui It's been a while since we've seen a cover that was mind-trippingly good enough to warrant a new installment of Cover My World.  Well here it is.  Five players (L-R): percussion, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, and effects. One instrument: Epiphone [...]

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Margot MacDonald: MMT Featured Artist

Bust out your inner Cee Lo as the Executive Producer of Margot's new CD We first featured Margot MacDonald last December when she played a Christmas show at the Rock & Roll Hotel in DC.  Christmas came early this year, and Margot is hoping for a little something from her fans to help complete her [...]

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Erin Hill: MMT Featured Artist

Pretty white girl purveys psychedelic pop with a sci-fi edge We first featured Erin Hill as one of the "Five things that make the Fab Faux fabulous".  In addition to her work with the Fab Faux, Erin has sung and played with Kanye, moby, Enya, a-ha, Cyndi Lauper, Randy Newman, and a long list of [...]

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Free Friday: Honor By August – NoiseTrade Sampler

We first wrote about Honor By August when they were selected to headline the inaugural DC MusicFest.  This Northern Virginia band crafts nicely layered and instantly accessible pop/rock with a perfect blend of melody and rhythm. Your Free Friday tracks are "Only In Photographs" from their debut album Drowning Out the Television (2007); "Found" (2009), [...]

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Belgium: Meet Jane Lui, San Diego’s famous chanteuse

Cover My World #7: History of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics We introduced Jane Lui last week with her mashup of Moves Like Jagger and Rainbow Connection.  Now she returns for an unprecedented second consecutive appearance in the Cover My World series.  Yes, she's THAT good. This edition finds her outside of LuieLand taking a chronological [...]

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Adventures in LuieLand: Jane Lui appearing in NYC & DC

Cover My World #6: Maroon 5 Meet the Muppets with Moves Like Jagger It's refreshing to have your expectations not just exceeded but upended and turned inside-out.   After spending a little time in LuieLand watching clever mash-ups of cover songs, I thought I had this Jane Lui thing figured out. Then I went over to [...]

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