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Update: Katy Perry Kicks Obama While He’s Down

Katy Perry Thanks Obama, Calls for Journalistic Integrity A recent poll shows President Obama’s approval rating at 34 percent.  Worse, in just 20 hours Katy Perry’s YouTube interview [after the jump] has garnered more than 57% of the total views it took Obama 6 months to earn.  As we first reported earlier this month, Katy [...]

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Katy Perry Trounces Obama on YouTube Moderator

Katy Perry is the first musical artist to participate in the YouTube Moderator platform, where fans can ask her whatever they want to, vote for their favorite questions, and have Katy answer the top vote-getters.  You may remember that President Obama used the same platform to answer citizen’s questions earlier this year.  Although the Obama [...]

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How To Make a Great Facebook Page for Your Band

The short answer: use BandPage from RootMusic.  There is a "free forever" version, and a premium offering for $1.99 a month.  This article from TechCrunch outlines the steps to get you started, including registering with SoundCloud, another music service with an excellent player app.  The video below covers some recent enhancement to BandPage.

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Music Industry on Social Media: We Have No Idea

OK Go.  No...Stop.  Or, This Too Shall Pass The music industry seems a bit conflicted over how to handle this social media stuff.  On February 19, OK Go guitarist and lead singer Damian Kulash wrote an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times ("WhoseTube?") lamenting EMI's decision to ban the embedding of the band's YouTube [...]

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