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Bleu: MMT Featured Artist

SXSW: Showcase > Panel > House Concert - All Bleu, All the Time It's all about the songs. Forget The Voice, American Idol, X Factor.  There are plenty of talented singers out there, but can any of them write a song that will be remembered fifteen minutes from now?  That's where Bleu comes in. A [...]

By | March 13th, 2012|MMT Featured Artists|

Erin Hill: MMT Featured Artist

Pretty white girl purveys psychedelic pop with a sci-fi edge We first featured Erin Hill as one of the "Five things that make the Fab Faux fabulous".  In addition to her work with the Fab Faux, Erin has sung and played with Kanye, moby, Enya, a-ha, Cyndi Lauper, Randy Newman, and a long list of [...]

By | October 23rd, 2011|MMT Featured Artists|

Best of Future of Music Policy Summit 2011: The Fammys

 Here they are: the 2nd annual Fammy Awards.  Sadly, My IT Thing only allowed for one day of attendance at this year's event, so most day 2 winners will have to receive their awards at a separate ceremony.  (Make your nominations in the comments below.)  Let the pageantry begin! Best Reporting:  Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune [...]

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Listen Local First hosts DC Local Music Day – October 5th

Listen Local > Shop Local > Buy Local DC's first-ever local music day will be held next week! On October 5, 2011 local businesses across the city will stream a playlist featuring the albums of 8 local artists all day.  The artists range from the acoustic folk of René Moffatt to the electronic Reggae/Soul/Funk of [...]

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Future of Music Policy Summit – 2011

The Future of Music Coalition will be holding the 2011 Future of Music Policy Summit at Georgetown University in Washington, DC from October 3-4, 2011.  The summit brings together musicians, managers, policymakers, media representatives, academics, technologists, industry professionals and more for spirited dialogue about the future of music along with cocktail parties, screenings, live music, and more. [...]

By | August 28th, 2011|music industry|

Margot MacDonald & the Audio Conundrum

Sign up at IndieGoGo to support Margot MacDonald's next release Margot MacDonald has been performing for over 10 years and released three CDs, but none of her recordings to date truly reflect the breadth and depth of her talents. She aims to fix that with her next release, and wants your help to make it [...]

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Bieber vs. Esperanza: Smackdown on the Orange Line

If you've been watching the Grammys lately, you know they are now now dominated by dance routines, light shows, acrobatic stunts and other stagecraft.  Occasionally, some music slips in. For many, Esperanza Spalding's best new artist Grammy last Sunday was a rare win for music, musicians, and musicianship.  But not everyone was pleased, as Justin [...]

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Atomic Tom: The Moment

Among the influences listed on Atomic Tom's Facebook page are The Cure, The Smiths, and New Order (twice).  The UK Pop/Rock sound of the 80's comes through on many of the cuts from their first full-length record, The Moment. Recorded not in a home studio, but in an apartment studio in Brooklyn, The Moment explores [...]

By | February 19th, 2011|Gig Bag, iThing|

15 Must-Have iPad Music Apps for the Professional Musician

This guest post is by Chris Taylor (@miccontrolchris) of MicControl, a music blogging community that bridges the gap between musicians and music bloggers. The holiday season is officially over and one gadget that seemed to be on top of the world's holiday list was the iPad. Rightfully so; after the operating system update in November [...]

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