HAPI Drum Slims Down, Tunes Up, Sells Out

We introduced the HAPI Drum as a NAMM Gem find earlier this year.  The folks at HapiTones have added a new model, the HAPI Slim.  As demonstrated below by John Pascuzzi (aka the World’s most mellow drummer), the HAPI Slim is shorter than previous models, while maintaining the same surface area for playing. The smaller [...]

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Theory 101: Power of the Pentatonic Scale

The Major Pentatonic Scale A pentatonic scale has five notes, which in the C Major pentatonic scale are as follows: C – D – E – G- A Take a look at the notes and intervals, and think about what’s missing. The C Major pentatonic scale is the C Major Scale with the fourth (F) [...]

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HAPI UFO: One Drum, Ten Scales

John Pascuzzi (aka the World's most mellow drummer) let us know about the new Hapi UFO (Unique Frcequency Orb) drums. While the orignal Hapi has 8 notes from a single pentatonic (5-note) scale, the UFO has 11 notes and allows you to play nine pentatonic scales and one hexatonic (six-note) scale: A integral.  [...]

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Theory 101: Building Piano Chords

Here's Nate again, this time with a lesson on building chords in the key of G Major.  From the last lesson on scales and the circle of fifths, you'll remember that the key of G Major has one sharp: F#.  So the scale runs as follows: G-A-B-C-D-E-F#-G. The most basic chord is a triad, which [...]

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Practice > Minor Pentatonic Scale on Guitar

While keyboard players typically begin their scale studies with C Major, guitarists should consider starting out with the A minor pentatonic scale.  Justin Sandercoe offers an excellent introduction to a scale that is used the world over in all different kinds of music. In America, this scale is most closely identified with the blues. It [...]

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Practice > Scales and the Circle of Fifths

Now comes the exciting part! I knew it was hard to make scales exciting, but trying to find a good tutorial on YouTube tells me it may be impossible.  There are some high quality demonstrations of individual scales on, but the introduction is missing some key information.  Go ahead and watch it, then come [...]

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Podcasts: Music Theory for Guitarists

This is an excellent series of podcasts on Guitar Music Theory available for free on iTunes. Taught by Desi Sarna, the author of Fretboard Theory, they are best for intermediate and advanced players. Lessons include pentatonic and major scale patterns, chord inversions and arpeggio patterns with the CAGED system.

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