Free Friday: Erin McKeown Distillation 10th Anniversary Edition

I had the good fortune of hearing Erin McKeown at the Dear New Orleans Benefit Concert last week.  Bonerama was the house band for the evening, and Erin joined them to play "Blackbirds" from her debut album Distillation. The concert also functioned as a Brown University reunion of sorts, with alums Erin, Damian [...]

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FMC #5: T Bone Burnett vs. the Hypebot Commenters

"Would you consider the possibility that I wasn't saying something stupid?" On Tuesday, Hypebot posted the T Bone Burnett videos I shot at the FMC Policy Summit, which drew some spirited comments from their readers.  Yesterday, T Bone was in flight, and spent about an hour replying to many of those comments. T Bone showed [...]

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FMC #4: OK Go Goes 3D – Damian Kulash Dishes in DC

After appearing at the Dear New Orleans Benefit Concert Tuesday night, DC native and OK Go front-man Damian Kulash was interviewed by NPR's Neda Ulaby to close out the summit on Wednesday. In an amiable conversation, Damian covered the history of OK Go videos, the embedding controversy, and the split with EMI. An Economic History [...]

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Future of Music #1: The Sunday Sessions

The Future of Music Coalition is holding their Future of Music Policy Summit in Washington DC, October 3-5, 2010. This series of articles is dedicated to my son Max, and all the other 10-year-olds of the world. MMT is officially declaring October as the Future of Music Month.  There was a full house at the [...]

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Cover My World #2: Suzanne, Sting, and Squeeze Cover Themselves

In Cover My World #1, we looked at artists who reshaped, reformed, and re-recorded songs originally made famous by others.  Here, we will examine artists who re-visit their own works, covering themselves in new old-fashioned ways. Suzanne Vega is taking the stripped-down approach with a series of new, mostly acoustic studio recordings of songs selected [...]

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