Atomic Tom: The Moment

Among the influences listed on Atomic Tom's Facebook page are The Cure, The Smiths, and New Order (twice).  The UK Pop/Rock sound of the 80's comes through on many of the cuts from their first full-length record, The Moment. Recorded not in a home studio, but in an apartment studio in Brooklyn, The Moment explores [...]

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15 Must-Have iPad Music Apps for the Professional Musician

This guest post is by Chris Taylor (@miccontrolchris) of MicControl, a music blogging community that bridges the gap between musicians and music bloggers. The holiday season is officially over and one gadget that seemed to be on top of the world's holiday list was the iPad. Rightfully so; after the operating system update in November [...]

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The Musician’s Guide To Audio Mastering

An Interview with Brian Hazard This guest post is by Jon Ostrow (@miccontrol) of MicControl, a music blogging community that bridges the gap between musicians and music bloggers. Whether you record from the comfort of your own home or pay for some studio time, mastering your music is a critical part of the [...]

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OK Go and the New Rock-Star Paradigm

What is success in the new music industry? Damian Kulash, lead singer and guitarist for OK Go, spoke about the music industry at the Future of Music Summit in Washington, DC in October 2010.  Saying that the old model (selling records) was broken, he stressed that the new model "doesn't have to be just one [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Musicians and Music Lovers #2

Check the How-to-Buy guides if you're interested in gifting drums, keyboards, a guitar or bass. #2: Gifts Under $500 Zen Tambour or Hapi Drum - $345 to $435 The Zen Tambour and HAPI drum are tuned, steel tongue hand drums that are easy to learn and fun to play.  Inspired by the hang, [...]

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FMC #7: Best of Future of Music Summit 2010 – The Fammys

As October spins down, MMT wraps up our first-ever Future of Music Month with the Fammy Awards, recognizing the best of the 2010 Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit. Best Reverb: T Bone Burnett - for his conversation with Greg Kot, which echoed throughout the Summit and blogosphere long after he left the stage. Best [...]

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