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Free HD video production and global distribution for your music If you're making music the world needs to hear, and your best concert footage was captured on a flip-phone, you should check out Founded by brothers Chris and Nick Hansen, works with emerging artists to capture performances in HD video and high-quality audio [...]

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Best of Future of Music Policy Summit 2011: The Fammys

 Here they are: the 2nd annual Fammy Awards.  Sadly, My IT Thing only allowed for one day of attendance at this year's event, so most day 2 winners will have to receive their awards at a separate ceremony.  (Make your nominations in the comments below.)  Let the pageantry begin! Best Reporting:  Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune [...]

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DC Local Music Day is here! You should be too!

Visit participating locations for a taste of local music and other good things Today - October 5, 2011, local businesses across the city will stream a playlist featuring the albums of eight local artists.  Visit a participating location to show your support for local music, then head to The Dunes for the launch party at [...]

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Why you should buy your music directly from the artist

A closer look at online earnings (and losses) per platform (originally published September 27, 2011) If there's a lesson to be gleaned from the recent kerfuffle over Spotify and artist payments, it is this: fans of indie music should buy directly from the artist whenever possible. The dust-up started when Uniform Motion posted earnings from [...]

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Survey says: Musicians have little love for Spotify

After three weeks, the results of our mildly unscientific poll show a distinct split between musicians and music fans. When asked how they feel about Spotify as a listener, fans were twice as likely to profess their love. When asked what they thought about Spotify from the musician's perspective, musicians were more than three times [...]

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Listen Local First hosts DC Local Music Day – October 5th

Listen Local > Shop Local > Buy Local DC's first-ever local music day will be held next week! On October 5, 2011 local businesses across the city will stream a playlist featuring the albums of 8 local artists all day.  The artists range from the acoustic folk of René Moffatt to the electronic Reggae/Soul/Funk of [...]

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Zoe Keating on Spotify, Apple and Independents (and lettuce)

Zoe Keating is an avant cellist whose work has been previously featured on MMT.  At yesterday's F8 Conference, Spotify Founder & CEO Daniel Ek said that he wanted to "develop a system that fairly compensates artists".  Given the recent controversy over artist payments from Spotify, I thought "artists" was an interesting choice of words.  I [...]

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Local Music at Future of Music Policy Summit in DC

If you are a working musician, there are a limited number of scholarships available for the Future of Music Policy Summit.  Local artists (DMV Region) will also have the opportunity to perform at a showcase the night before conference begins. The Future of Music Coalition is hosting the summit at Georgetown University in Washington, DC [...]

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Future of Music Policy Summit – 2011

The Future of Music Coalition will be holding the 2011 Future of Music Policy Summit at Georgetown University in Washington, DC from October 3-4, 2011.  The summit brings together musicians, managers, policymakers, media representatives, academics, technologists, industry professionals and more for spirited dialogue about the future of music along with cocktail parties, screenings, live music, and more. [...]

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