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The Humble Music Bundle: 6 Artists, 2 Charities + tip

Name your price and download in mp3 or flac - linux compatible! The Humble Indie Music Bundle pulls together music from 5 artists and an opportunity to donate to 2 charities.  You name your price, and you decide how the money is divvied up.  The default split gives 65% to the artists, 20% to the [...]

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Free Friday: Superbowl Sunday Edition

One car, 288 guitars, 55 pianos, 1157 homemade instruments, and OK Go Musically speaking, the Superbowl is generally a disaster.  Will Kelly Clarkson be slain by the Star-Spangled curse? Will Her Madgesty be chewed up by the monster that ate the Black Eyed Peas? Maybe, but at least we can count on some entertainment from [...]

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OK Go: “Do What You Want” at the Kennedy Center

Twitter-sourced video premieres on Kennedy Center ArtsEdge Channel On June 23, OK Go took the stage at the Kennedy Center to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Millennium Stage and the release of their live album: 180/365.  That’s 180 live shows over the course of a year. My Music Thing was part of a twitter-sourced [...]

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OK Go – 180/365: hopes, dreams, and FREE Confetti

Confetti Cannons. Furry Guitars. Electric Jackets. Confetti Cannons. Hand Bells. Tubular Bells. Confetti Cannons. Streaming Video. 3D Movies. Confetti Cannons. Bleeping Thingamagoops. Scrolling Bass. Confetti Cannons. Unlike, say...Charlie Sheen, it's obvious that OK Go puts a lot of thought, effort and energy into their shows. And confetti cannons. LOTS of confetti cannons. After an endearing [...]

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Pomplamoose on Tour: OK Go!

Millennium Stage 14th Anniversary featuring OK Go and Pomplamoose If you like your music fun, and your music videos funner, then Pomplamoose is the band for you.  Or OK Go.  Or better yet, see them both in DC this Thursday at the Kennedy Center for the Millennium Stage 14th Anniversary celebration. If you didn't get [...]

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OK Go and the New Rock-Star Paradigm

What is success in the new music industry? Damian Kulash, lead singer and guitarist for OK Go, spoke about the music industry at the Future of Music Summit in Washington, DC in October 2010.  Saying that the old model (selling records) was broken, he stressed that the new model "doesn't have to be just one [...]

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Last Leaf: Toast, Lasers, OK Go

At the Future of Music Summit last month, OK Go lead singer Damian Kulash let us know that their next video was going to be shot with the Samsung NX-100.  It's here, and keeping with the spirit of the song it takes a stripped-down approach, especially when compared to their last outing -- the 3D [...]

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FMC #7: Best of Future of Music Summit 2010 – The Fammys

As October spins down, MMT wraps up our first-ever Future of Music Month with the Fammy Awards, recognizing the best of the 2010 Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit. Best Reverb: T Bone Burnett - for his conversation with Greg Kot, which echoed throughout the Summit and blogosphere long after he left the stage. Best [...]

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FMC #4: OK Go Goes 3D – Damian Kulash Dishes in DC

After appearing at the Dear New Orleans Benefit Concert Tuesday night, DC native and OK Go front-man Damian Kulash was interviewed by NPR's Neda Ulaby to close out the summit on Wednesday. In an amiable conversation, Damian covered the history of OK Go videos, the embedding controversy, and the split with EMI. An Economic History [...]

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Breaking News: OK Go Leaves EMI

A little more than two weeks after guitarist and lead singer Damien Kulash wrote an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times (“WhoseTube?”) lamenting EMI’s decision to ban the embedding of the band’s YouTube videos, OK Go tweets: "Today we are pleased to announce that we have officially parted ways with our record label, EMI. [...]

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