After three weeks, the results of our mildly unscientific poll show a distinct split between musicians and music fans.

  • When asked how they feel about Spotify as a listener, fans were twice as likely to profess their love.
  • When asked what they thought about Spotify from the musician’s perspective, musicians were more than three times as likely to feel the hate.

The poll remains open, so let us know how you’re feeling, and we’ll add it all up again at the end of the month. The results so far:

Musicians are not just split with the fans, they are a little conflicted themselves.  The first two responses to each question can be viewed as favorable, and the last two as unfavorable.  By this measure,  71% of musicians view Spotify favorably as a consumer, which is slightly higher than music fans, who gave a 67% favorable rating.  On the other hand, a majority (61%) of musicians hold an unfavorable view from their perspective as a musician.

Comments & Respondents

Respondents had the option of leaving comments for each question, and as you might expect, most of the comments came from the less happy campers.  The majority of responses were from the US (64%), with the UK in second (11%) and the rest scattered around Europe.

There was a single response from our neighbor to the north, with my favorite comment: “I’m in Canada.  Spotify isn’t.”   Here’s a sampling of the other comments.

Q. How do you feel about Spotify as a music listener?

I love the service & pay the £10 p/m subscription. However given the recent exodus of several prominent metal labels I’m having to reconsider…it was good while it lasted but I’m just not sure it’s worth paying for any more.

Love how easy it is to share playlists. HATE the iPhone app and absence of any iPad app. Spotify seems to lack features of Mog and Rdio and a lot of Spotify’s features are buried away for the average user.

Too hard to find new music.

Needs better sound quality at all membership levels, like MOG.

I actually wish the ads were more tailored to each listener. It’s really disruptive hearing an ad for George Strait in the middle of a symphony.

Stopped using Spotify once I realised how bad a deal it was for musicians.

Q. How do you feel about Spotify from the musician’s perspective?

It helps get smaller bands heard. Labels are arguing that they don’t make any money from it, but at least they make SOMETHING. The major impact of Spotify that I can see is that it’s helped reduce piracy – what’s the point of stealing when you can get it for free or next to nothing?

The amount of money artists get for spottily plays is depressing. I’m not sure the business model is sustainable.

Hello Arcade Fire – I saw you at ACL this year – didn’t know your tunes (not on Spotify) – won’t buy your tunes the way you sell them (too many other music choices out there) – get you tunes on Spotify – get me hooked – maybe then I might buy your tunes or come see you in concert again. I’m just sayin…..

One of the important things about music is the connection to musicians as people, responding to their effort to communicate, so a service that hides (with NDAs etc) how those hard working people are rewarded or exploited is an ugly thing.

As a listener, I want smaller artists represented. As someone who supports artists, it infuriates me that they are not given a fair cut.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Spotify and the ability to play nearly anything, anywhere. However, I have good friends who are musicians, and I feel like unless you’re a relatively big name in any given genre, you have a hard time getting your music heard by people on Spotify who don’t ALREADY know who you are.

I would pull any music from Spotify and sell exclusively on Bandcamp.

It’s a dilemma: you can get lots of attention but your work is suddenly worth 0,0000x…

Disclosure: After comparing streaming services, I cancelled my Spotify Premium subscription and became a MOG affiliate.