There are a couple companies that go out of their way to educate drummers.  Today we look at Latin Percussion (LP) in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  This holiday is close to our hearts as Margaritas are the official drink of the MMT household.

Advanced Tambourine Techniques with Jim Greiner

Jim responds to the global demand for more tambourine lessons with this tutorial on advanced techniques.

If you need more basic training, try Jim’s tambourine tips on the LP site.  On the other hand, if you are beyond playing just a tambourine, check out the Percusso.  Inventor Matt Ledger demonstrates his combination of tambourine and clave.

Remember, tambourine isn’t just for lead singers and percussionists. Galactic’s Stanton Moore shows you drummers how to work the tambourine behind the kit.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo: put down your drink, pick up a tambourine, and shake it like a Polaroid picture.  Gracias LP.

Latin Percussion Cyclops Tambourine Black

Latin Percussion Cyclops Tambourine Red

Latin Percussion Percusso Tambourine

Latin Percussion Percusso Tambourine