Free Friday: SXSW – 2nd Edition

SXSW® starts  today with long lines, pouring rain, and a trademarked nickname for those officially in the know: SOUTH BY™ (seriously).  The music portion of the festival doesn't begin until March 13th, and badges are still available. If you can't make it to Austin this year, MMT℠ has several no cost, no hassle, no passport [...]

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Free HD video production and global distribution for your music If you're making music the world needs to hear, and your best concert footage was captured on a flip-phone, you should check out Founded by brothers Chris and Nick Hansen, works with emerging artists to capture performances in HD video and high-quality audio [...]

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Cover My World: Super Sunday Spectacular!

Walk off the Earth covers Goyte & a special Madonna cover from Jane Lui It's been a while since we've seen a cover that was mind-trippingly good enough to warrant a new installment of Cover My World.  Well here it is.  Five players (L-R): percussion, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, and effects. One instrument: Epiphone [...]

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Free Friday: Superbowl Sunday Edition

One car, 288 guitars, 55 pianos, 1157 homemade instruments, and OK Go Musically speaking, the Superbowl is generally a disaster.  Will Kelly Clarkson be slain by the Star-Spangled curse? Will Her Madgesty be chewed up by the monster that ate the Black Eyed Peas? Maybe, but at least we can count on some entertainment from [...]

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Neil Young on living in the low-rez world

"We can't control the back end of the donkey." In this clip from the D: Dive Into Media conference, Neil Young begins by saying "My goal is to try to rescue the art form that I've been practicing for the past 50 years." He goes on to talk about  preserving the album format, how piracy is [...]

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Andrew York solo flight: a Kickstarter Classical Music Project

MMT featured artist Andrew York wants to release his next recording without a label, and is using Kickstarter to make it happen.  He set a modest goal, and after one day is more than half way there.  Get a preview of the music below, where Andy explains his preparations and plans for the project.

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Zoë Keating: MMT Featured Artist

An Alt-Classical Artist for the 21st Century We first featured Zoë Keating as a Free Friday pick in 2010.  Last year she received more mentions in MMT than any other artist -- largely due to a guest post she wrote for us: "Zoe Keating on Spotify, Apple and Independents (and lettuce)." In addition to being [...]

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Want Logic Pro for $160? (or any app for 20% off…)

Best Buy is offering iTunes gift card at a 20% discount for a limited time (i.e., hurry up!).  In addition to music, videos, books, movies, and rentals, the digitally delivered cards can be used for software purchases in the Mac App Store.  Since Apple rarely discounts its products, here's a chance to save some money. [...]

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MMT: Top Eleven Things from 2011

The year of Apple, artists, and unanswered questions As we reflect on 2011 through the lens of MMT statistics, it's not surprising to see that Apple dominated the year from multiple angles.  Apple's iCloud service was the subject of this year's most popular post, and 6 of the top 11 stories had ties to Apple [...]

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Animoog: Editor’s Choice – Best Synthesizer App for the iPad

Capsule Review:  Buy it -- NOW! originally posted 10/19/2011 Christmas 2011 Update: Moog Music Inc. now offers Animoog for iPhone at an introductory price of $0.99, and has put the iPad version on sale for $9.99 (regularly $29.99). A year ago, we wrote about the mixed reviews for Moog's first iOS app: Filtatron.  Our main [...]

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