The Humble Music Bundle: 6 Artists, 2 Charities + tip

Name your price and download in mp3 or flac - linux compatible! The Humble Indie Music Bundle pulls together music from 5 artists and an opportunity to donate to 2 charities.  You name your price, and you decide how the money is divvied up.  The default split gives 65% to the artists, 20% to the [...]

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DC Music Industry Meet-Up at Artomatic 5/31/2012

6:30 - 10 PM in Crystal City: Free Registration on Eventbrite The Metro Music Source will partner with Artomatic 2012 to host its monthly music industry meet-up event. The event takes place on Thursday, May 31st at Artomatic and features a panel discussion on social media marketing for musicians (part of Artomatic’s professional [...]

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An Evening of New Music: Zoe Keating, Noveller & LESQ

An interview with Jonathan Matis On Saturday, April 14, 2012 Zoe Keating, Noveller, and the Low End String Quartet (LESQ) came together at the CenterStage in Reston, Virginia for an evening of new music. LESQ started the night with compositions from founder Jonathan Matis, and closed their set with premieres of new works commissioned from [...]

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Fab Faux at GW Lisner in DC 5/4/12: Promo Code FAB

From the Cavern to the Rooftop: This Friday in Washington, DC In their 6th annual visit to DC, the five core band members of the Fab Faux will perform the rock and roll music of the Beatles from the early days at the Cavern Club to their very last show on the rooftop. The band [...]

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Erin McKeown and Slung-lo: Whose hit is it anyway?

Where does inspiration stop and infringement begin? Erin McKeown is a two-time MMT Fammy winner, featured performer, and former Free Friday pick. And she writes hit songs. Allegedly. You'll see. Her essay below originally appeared in Techdirt, where it garnered over 140 comments, split between supporters and detractors of her copyright suit. Over on, [...]

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Guernica 2012 (127 Months in Afghanistan)

via explore-blog:  ”Guernica 2012” – composer Daniel Starr-Tambor, who gave us the solar system set to music, commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Bombing of Guernica with a powerful piece, in which each note represents a life lost during “Operation Enduring Freedom” in and around Afghanistan, using only the fundamental notes and harmonics of the [...]

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Getting the most out of iTunes Match: Part 1

Get started: Set up iTunes Match and upgrade your audio files Wondering whether iTunes Match is worth $24.99 a year?  Assuming you have iTunes on your computer and a music library of several hundred or thousands of songs, ask yourself two questions: 1. Do you own an Android or iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod [...]

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MOG for iPad: best streaming music app for the new iPad?

MOG released their first iPad app today, and it's a good one. Purpose-built for the iPad and the new Retina display, it features smooth scrolling, intuitive navigation and controls, and dazzling full-screen album art.  Combine all this with Wi-Fi and AirPlay streaming at 320 kbps, and it's easy to see why Josh Constine at TechCrunch [...]

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SXSW debrief at DC Music Industry Meetup on 3/29/2012

The Metro Music Source & DC Setlist will be hosting a SXSW debrief panel discussion this Thursday, March 29th at The Dunes as part of their monthly music industry meet-up event. Fresh from their return from Austin, Texas, Ryan Holladay of BLUEBRAIN, the Listen Local First team, and promoter Sasha Lord will be sharing their [...]

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Bleu: MMT Featured Artist

SXSW: Showcase > Panel > House Concert - All Bleu, All the Time It's all about the songs. Forget The Voice, American Idol, X Factor.  There are plenty of talented singers out there, but can any of them write a song that will be remembered fifteen minutes from now?  That's where Bleu comes in. A [...]

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