MOG released their first iPad app today, and it’s a good one. Purpose-built for the iPad and the new Retina display, it features smooth scrolling, intuitive navigation and controls, and dazzling full-screen album art.  Combine all this with Wi-Fi and AirPlay streaming at 320 kbps, and it’s easy to see why Josh Constine at TechCrunch calls it “The Best iPad Streaming Music App“.

Take a look at the screenshots below: both show what is displayed for New Releases while a song is playing.

You can see that MOG has made excellent use of the extra real estate on the iPad, providing easy and obvious access to all features.  The first thing you will want to do is tap Settings, and set High Quality Streaming and High Quality Downloads to On.


  • Built-in AirPlay support.
  • Unlimited, one-click mobile downloads for offline listening.
  • Stream or download in 320kbps – the highest quality listening experience.
  • Editable play queue for maximum control.
  • Charts, Editor’s Picks, Featured Playlists, and New Releases refreshed every week.
  • Automatic sync between all platforms for “playlists” and “favorites” created in the desktop app and on the Web.

If you’re ready to give MOG a try, you can support My Music Thing by signing up for a 14-day free trial here, or downloading the new iPad app here.  Thanks!