The year of Apple, artists, and unanswered questions

As we reflect on 2011 through the lens of MMT statistics, it’s not surprising to see that Apple dominated the year from multiple angles.  Apple’s iCloud service was the subject of this year’s most popular post, and 6 of the top 11 stories had ties to Apple services, apps, or devices.

With the introduction of Spotify in the US, and the integration of multiple music services into Facebook, 2011 was a breakout year for streaming music.  And even if you get your streams from MOG or Spotify instead of iCloud, chances are good there will be an Apple computer, tablet, phone, iPod, or other device in the mix.

Another topic high on the list is artist compensation.  Apple shows up here, too — whether they are being praised, thanked, blessed, or cursed.  Steve Jobs keeps popping up in our Music 2.0 series, where Pete Townshend expressed a desire to cut off his balls and Jon Bon Jovi personally blamed him for “killing the music business“.

In a few hours, 2011 will slip away — just like Steve Jobs, Napster and a disheartening number of artists.  Thanks Steve, thanks sleepy cat, and thanks to all of the musicians who left us their songs, compositions, and performances.

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Thanks and Happy New Year to all our MMT readers, and special thanks to guest authors Zoe Keating and Chris Taylor for writing the #4 and #7 things on our list for 2011.

Zoe KeatingPhoto: Jeffrey Rusch