Bust out your inner Cee Lo as the Executive Producer of Margot’s new CD

We first featured Margot MacDonald last December when she played a Christmas show at the Rock & Roll Hotel in DC.  Christmas came early this year, and Margot is hoping for a little something from her fans to help complete her new recording.  In return, you can score a pre-release download of the new album, a limited edition vinyl pressing, a live performance, or a stocking full of other goodies.

We wrote about her recording project here — and she’s almost half-way there — but time is running out.  Visit IndieGoGo to hear Margot talk about her vision for the new album, and get more details on the available packages.

We are thrilled add Margot to the MMT Featured Artists roster, available from the dropdown list at the top of each page.   Sample some performances and get more information from her Feature Artist page which is previewed below.

snow photo by Brandon Wu

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featured artist photo: Francesco Sapienza