Sad to see him go.  Decades on the road, and no health insurance.  Roll right through the night…

He was born February 6, 1946 in Clear Lake, Iowa.  He was in a band called The Factory in Los Angeles whose front man was Lowell George.  Eventually, Lowell joined Frank Zappa, offered him the song “Willin’,” and Frank wisely said, “Go start your own band, son.”  The result was Little Feat, and Richie was the first and, until his health took him off the kit in 2009, eternal drummer for Feat.  He was the master of space, time, and drums, and he had as much to do with Feat’s sound as Lowell’s voice, Billy Payne’s keys, Paul’s and Fred’s guitars, Kenny’s bass, or Sam’s percussion.


From the AP:  Richie Hayward, co-founder of Little Feat, dies