FDG Celebrates Verizon on iPhone with Music Apps Sale

To welcome Verizon iPhone users, Frontier Design Group (FDG) has all of their music apps on sale this week for $0.99.  That’s an 80% discount for iShred, GuitarStudio, and PianoStudio, which are normally priced at $4.99. If you miss the sale, go ahead and spend the five bucks — they’re worth it.

The FDG apps distinguish themselves from the typical iPhone instruments by implementing performance controls that let you put some personality into your playing.  The guitar apps support picking, strumming,  note-bends,  hammer-on, pull-off, and slides.

You can dynamically increase the volume on guitars by playing closer to the bridge.  The electric guitar app (iShred) includes a full complement of adjustable effects, and GuitarStudio contains nice-sounding six and twelve-string acoustics, as well as a nylon string guitar.

There are three instruments in PianoStudio (two Grands and an Upright), and the interface allows you to play chords, single notes, or phrases with a single button.  The volume for each note in a phrase can be programmed in the phrase editor, while individual note volume and sustain can be controlled by the iPhone tilt sensors.

All apps include record and playback functions, and an AirPlay feature that lets you listen to other user’s songs and share your own.  Control and flexibility come at a price: these instruments can take longer to master than your typical toy app.  Fortunately, the FDG folks appear to be serious about support — the online help is helpful, and there are user forums, online documentation, and video tutorials available.

You can learn more at the FDG site, Facebook page, or YouTube channel.  Of course there are plenty of user videos out there, including this subway performance of Take Me Out by Atomic Tom, featuring dual iShreds.