Hanging a Didgeridoo on the Wall

In examining recent search terms that brought readers to My Music Thing, there are multiple entries for “how to hang didgeridoos on the wall” and “hanging a didgeridoo on the wall”.  This leads us to believe that the people want to know how to hang a didgeridoo on the wall.  Your search is over.

The Perfect Didgeridoo Hanger

Unlike guitars, guns, and paintings, there is no obvious answer to the question: how do you hang a didgeridoo on the wall?  It’s not like you can toddle over to Didgeridoos “R” Us and choose from a colorful assortment of didgeridoo hangers.  I even checked the wonderful Didgeridoo Store and came up empty.

We once struggled with the same issue here at MMT HQ, and found inspiration in the usual place — the powder room.  The answer: towel bars.  Specifically, hand-towel bars.

The towel bars we use were purchased at Cost Plus World Market.  It doesn’t look like our model is currently available (at least not online), but you should be able to find something that matches your decor without too much trouble. And they’re not just for hanging didgeridoos.  In the picture below the towel bars are supporting (from bottom to top): the didgeridoo my awesome brother Chris brought me back from Australia, a rain stick my fantastic friend Felipe picked up for me in Peru, and another rain stick I purchased in the Philippines.

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