Check the How-to-Buy guides if you’re interested in gifting drums, keyboards, a guitar or bass.

#3: Gifts Under $100,000

Olive 06HD Music Server for Audiophiles – $4,999

What is “HD Music?”  Well, it depends on who you ask, but most music advertised as HD is distributed in a lossless format at a minimum of 24-bit/96 kHz resolution. Translation: there is no compression, and the signal is sampled 96,000 times per second, with each sample coded as 24 bits.  [MMT will devote a series of upcoming articles to exploring the HD Audio scene in-depth.]

Here’s how Olive describes the 06HD:

The new Olive O6HD is the world’s first music server to combine the convenience of digital music with an audiophile sonic performance. It starts with a state-of-the art differential DAC along with a dedicated linear power supply for the analog output stage. Add to that our patent-pending design methodologies and enjoy a warm, full-bodied, and spacious sound with an exceptionally realistic soundstage.

Translation:  it won’t suck, like the sound you get when plugging an iPod into your stereo system.  You can feed it CDs, or send them to Olive for loading.  They are taking pre-orders now, with a planned ship date of mid-December.

OPPO BDP-83SE – Blu-ray disc player with SACD and DVD-Audio – $899 to $2,500

Sadly, the Olive is a stereo-only device, and cannot play the surround tracks available on SACD and DVD-Audio discs.  For that, you’ll need to add a universal disc player.  Sure you could spend more, but why would you when the $899 list BDP-83SE can be had for as little as $1,499?

The OPPO BDP-83 Special Edition Blu-ray Disc Player is an exciting upgrade based on the highly acclaimed BDP-83. Already well known for its exceptional audio and video performance, the BDP-83 is upgraded with an all new analog audio stage and improved power supply to become the Special Edition. Designed for the discerning audio enthusiast, the OPPO BDP-83 Special Edition Blu-ray Disc Player delivers an exceptionally wide dynamic range, ultra low distortion, accurate sound stage and jitter-free music clarity via its dedicated stereo and 7.1ch analog audio output.


Since it has been discontinued, you can either pay a premium price now, or wait until the successor model with 3D Blu-ray is released at a list price of $499.  But hey, it’s Christmas!

Rock ‘n’Roll Fantasy Camp – $2,999 – $9,999

The next scheduled camp is being held in New York from January 12 – 17, 2011, and features Roger Daltrey.  If you’d rather play rock star in the Bahamas, Tommy Lee headlines the President’s Day weekend camp at Atlantis February 17 – 20, 2011.

Prices do not include travel, accommodations, or groupies, but you can bring your own for an extra $499 – $699.  The Atlantis camp includes a special package for young rockers, ages 12 – 16.  And you are welcome even if you have never played an instrument before.  Here are the highlights:

  • Small group instruction from celebrity musicians
  • Campers are placed in a band with a rock star counselor for the entire duration of camp
  • Write and record an original song with your band!
  • Perform live on stage to a sold out audience at a major rock venue
  • Special guest and counselor-led master class sessions in drums, bass, guitar, songwriting, etc.
  • A souvenir DVD of your performance at the grand finale concert

Steinway Limited Edition Imagine Series Piano – $89,000 to $180,000

Modeled after the white Steinway grand piano that John Lennon presented to Yoko on her birthday in 1971, each Imagine Series piano incorporates John’s signature, medallion, and a portion of the Imagine lyrics and sheet music.  The music desk of each piano includes one of four original drawings by John.  There is a model to fit any home and every budget, assuming your piano budget starts at $89,000.  That will buy you the 5’7″ Model M.

The Steinway rep that MMT spoke with said there will be only 100 pianos made, and the first one (a Model D 9′ concert grand) had just sold at a premium price of $230,000.  If you have room for the Model D at home, it can be yours for around $180,000.

Happy Holidays!