Although Wired is celebrating the LP’s birthday today, Wikipedia claims that Columbia Records introduced the LP in a press conference held at the Waldorf Astoria on June 19, 1948.  At 62, the LP is eligible for early retirement in the USA, but has been making something of a comeback lately, with sales nearly doubling year-over-year since 2006.  Go vinyl!

As part of the birthday celebration, Wired offered up their picks for the “Best Album Art of All Time“, which lean heavily towards the Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, Yes and their brethren.  Not everyone is in agreement, including this poster:

Best Album of All Time?!? You mean best album in the category “guitar dominated white male groups from the seventies”. What is it with these middle aged music journalists that even 40 years later they keep on trying to convince us that the other decades hardly produced anything?

~ Karpata

Maybe it’s because the LP and large format album art (and some middle-aged journalists would say, rock music) began their decline in the 1980’s.  In any case, I’ll join the chorus calling for “Cheap Thrills” to be added to the list.  It seems a bit easier to get consensus on the Worst Album Covers of All Time, with Ken, Joyce, amd Freddie showing up on nearly every list.  Chin up, Freddie.