We introduced the HAPI Drum as a NAMM Gem find earlier this year.  The folks at HapiTones have added a new model, the HAPI Slim.  As demonstrated below by John Pascuzzi (aka the World’s most mellow drummer), the HAPI Slim is shorter than previous models, while maintaining the same surface area for playing.

The smaller size not only makes it easier to carry, but it allows for new, higher-pitched scales that play together nicely with the larger models.  Most Slims are tuned to pentatonic scales, so there are no wrong notes, and they can be played by almost anyone.  Starting at $345, these are the most affordable HAPI Drums yet, and a relative bargain compared to most of the competition.

The first batch sold out, but new orders should be shipping soon.  Check the Hapi Drum Store for current lead times.