One Cello, a MacBook Pro, Ableton Live, and SooperLooper: that’s what it takes to reach the #1 Spot on iTunes Classical and Electronic charts.  That and Zoe Keating to compose and perform the music.  Zoe has taken the concepts she learned as an Information Architect and applied them to music; creating modular pieces that sequence, overlap and layer tones, rhythms, melodies and motifs to create complex yet accessible compositions.

Her latest album, Into the Trees, debuted at #7 on the Billboard classical charts, with no marketing or publicity beyond her own website and presence on twitter, facebook, and myspace.  The Billboard chart position was achieved solely through bandcamp digital downloads, and she lists her label as “not interested”.

Below is a performance of “Escape Artist” from Into the Trees, and your free dowload is “Optimist” from the same album, generously made available by Zoe in multiple formats, including FLAC and 320K MP3.