One car, 288 guitars, 55 pianos, 1157 homemade instruments, and OK Go

Musically speaking, the Superbowl is generally a disaster.  Will Kelly Clarkson be slain by the Star-Spangled curse? Will Her Madgesty be chewed up by the monster that ate the Black Eyed Peas?

Maybe, but at least we can count on some entertainment from OK Go.

In a letter to fans, the band shared some details about their latest video, made in partnership with Chevy. It was set for a February premiere when they “showed it to the bigwigs at Chevy and GM, and they fell instantly, head-over-heels in love with it. So much so that they immediately proposed a complete change of schedule to integrate it deeply into their Super Bowl plans.”  So here’s the plan:

Super Bowl Sunday OK Go “Needing/Getting” Extravaplan 2012
(all times are Eastern Standard)

12:00pm – Don your beer helmet and start deep frying your chicken wings. It’s an American tradition.

2:15pm – This is an estimated time, as the program is still a bit up in the air. But we will be appearing on the NBC Pre-Game broadcast, likely from the red carpet at the Super Bowl, to introduce the video. NBC will then air a two minute excerpt of the video itself on air. At that time, the video will also go live online and accessible worldwide both as a YouTube embed (naturally) at Chevy’s microsite and on

Sometime During the Game – We will also appear briefly in a larger Chevy ad, which, due to the way they rollout Super Bowl ads these days, you can already see online here.

Post-Game – Immediately following the game, Chevy will be debuting our dedicated television ad for the “Needing/Getting” video. Thirty glorious seconds of OK Goodness. So stick around for that moment when one team wins, the other team loses, they pan around to all the happy and sad faces for 20 seconds, and then cut to commercial. Because there we’ll be.

The Sonic ad that appears during the game features your Free Friday selection: ‘We Are Young’ from fun. (with Janelle Monáe).  The download quantity is limited, but you can catch the whole song with the [OFFICIAL VIDEO].