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Selena Gomez.  Jellyfish. Hanson.
Singer-songwriter Bleu performs with and write songs for an odd mix of artists. The Jonas Brothers?

“No Such Thing as Love” is from A Watched Pot, described on his Facebook page as “the album that all Bleu fans want to own, but almost never could.”

Recorded in 2005…as a follow up to Bleu’s critically-acclaimed 2003 record Redhead. NPR listed Redhead as one of the Top 10 records of the year, and during that time Bleu was touring with hit acts like John Mayer, Switchfoot, and Ryan Adams and wowing crowds across the country with his unique songs and passionate performances.  Only a few weeks after the final tracks of A WATCHED POT were recorded, Bleu was dropped from the label along with dozens of other acts and employees involved in Sony’s ongoing downsizing.

Your free download is “Could Be Worse” from Redhead.