As October spins down, MMT wraps up our first-ever Future of Music Month with the Fammy Awards, recognizing the best of the 2010 Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit.

Best Reverb: T Bone Burnett – for his conversation with Greg Kot, which echoed throughout the Summit and blogosphere long after he left the stage.

Best Advice: Jill Sobule – (on how to deal with a stalker)

“Put ’em to work.  Have them carry your equipment.  They’ll get tired of you real quick…”

Best URL:  Christen Lien (Violist) –

Best Comeback: Damian Kulash (OK Go)

Question from audience member and OK Go fan begins with:

“I have a limited amount of income…”

Damian: “And I want more of it!”

Best Photographer: Puck (no competition, really…)

Best Answer: Erin McKeown – (Monsters of Data Panel) asked how she reacts to “a billion points of data”:

“I react with suspicion and ambivalence.”

Best Show: Tim Quirk and Mark Mullins (Producers) – “Dear New Orleans” Benefit Concert

Best Camera Phone Video: Blackbirds – Erin McKeown and Bonearama (hey, what fun is it being executive editor if you can’t give yourself an award once in a while?)

Best Dressed: T Bone Burnett (no competition, seriously…)

This is the point where we would normally wrap up our coverage of the 2010 Future of Music summit with a thoughtful analysis and recap.  But that’s already been done, and done exceedingly well.  So the final Fammy of the evening goes to…

Best Wrap-Up: Paul Rapp (Rapp on This) – “Future of Music 10