We last looked at the Best Covers of 2010.  Before that was a list of covers that eclipse the originals.  We started with artists covering themselves and Amanda Palmer’s ukulele take on Radiohead.  Now we begin 2011 with the most ambitious cover project we have yet discovered (via Interstate Live).

The Beatles Complete on Ukulele is more than a project, it’s a mission.  And here’s the complete mission statement:

The Beatles Complete On Ukulele hold this truth to be self-evident — if every citizen spent a little bit of time playing the ukulele, the world would be a nicer place.

At www.thebeatlescompleteonukulele.com we will release a new recording of a Beatles song* featuring a different artist every Tuesday. A short essay will coincide with every recording and each performance will include a ukulele.

The project began on January 20, 2009 (Inauguration Day) and will conclude on July 31, 2012. (The eve of the London Olympics).

*we consider a Beatles song to be one of the 185 original compositions released by The Beatles between 1962 and 1970.

While the Fab Faux specialize in painstaking re-creations of the Beatle’s recordings, these performances are (sometimes radical) reinterpretations of the original works. And although there is a ukulele in every song, it may be overshadowed in the mix by a hip-hop beat, throbbing synth, or full choir.

Artist, producer, composer, and DJ (as “Yellow Note“) David Barratt is the force behind this endeavor, and he has done a masterful job thus far.  While the diversity of styles may mean that you won’t love everything, the songs are well-sung, the music well-played, the recordings well-produced, and the essays well-written. And it’s all available for free download here.  Enjoy!