2011 Holiday gift guide for music & audio geeks (part 2)

Thanksgiving Thingamagoop Thinglink Edition - gifts under $200 Thingamagoop 2 - $160 (built) (hover and poke the thingamgoops in the eye for a demo)The music and audio geek in your life is sure to be thankful after unwrapping a Thingamagoop 2. The T2 marries the original analog Thingamagoop with a digital synthesizer you control with [...]

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2011 Holiday gift guide for music & audio geeks (part 1)

Global Financial Crisis Edition - Gifts under $20 KORG iKaossilator - $9.99 (debut discount through November 30, 2011) Sure, you could spend $129 for a hardware Kaossilator, but times are tough.  So we suggest the iKaossilator, which brings all the fun of the original to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  And brings it for [...]

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I want my iCloud!: a step-by-step guide to iTunes in the Cloud

UPDATED for iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5 Thinking about iTunes Match? See Getting the Most out of iTunes Match Let's start out assuming you have an iPhone and a Mac or PC running iTunes.  Here's what you need to do: 1.  Upgrade to iTunes version 10.5 - Open iTunes and select iTunes > Check for Updates. [...]

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Musicians’ Digital Performance Royalties at Risk

This guest post is from Kristin Thomson of the Future of Music Coalition. Recording artists and indie labels: there’s a movement afoot to change the way that you would receive your digital public performance royalties, and it’s not a good one, especially for recording artists. Back in August, we blogged about the news that Sirius/XM was [...]

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Are Subscription Music Services a Sustainable Business Model?

Or, how will musicians pay the rent in the 21st century? There was some spirited discussion around new business models and artist payments from online services at the Future of Music Policy Summit last week.  We will take a closer look at these issues in an upcoming article.  First, this analysis from Frank Woodworth of [...]

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