Erin McKeown and Slung-lo: Whose hit is it anyway?

Where does inspiration stop and infringement begin? Erin McKeown is a two-time MMT Fammy winner, featured performer, and former Free Friday pick. And she writes hit songs. Allegedly. You'll see. Her essay below originally appeared in Techdirt, where it garnered over 140 comments, split between supporters and detractors of her copyright suit. Over on, [...]

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Cover My World: Super Sunday Spectacular!

Walk off the Earth covers Goyte & a special Madonna cover from Jane Lui It's been a while since we've seen a cover that was mind-trippingly good enough to warrant a new installment of Cover My World.  Well here it is.  Five players (L-R): percussion, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, and effects. One instrument: Epiphone [...]

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Adventures in LuieLand: Jane Lui appearing in NYC & DC

Cover My World #6: Maroon 5 Meet the Muppets with Moves Like Jagger It's refreshing to have your expectations not just exceeded but upended and turned inside-out.   After spending a little time in LuieLand watching clever mash-ups of cover songs, I thought I had this Jane Lui thing figured out. Then I went over to [...]

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Margot MacDonald & the Audio Conundrum

Sign up at IndieGoGo to support Margot MacDonald's next release Margot MacDonald has been performing for over 10 years and released three CDs, but none of her recordings to date truly reflect the breadth and depth of her talents. She aims to fix that with her next release, and wants your help to make it [...]

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They Might Be Giants: FLAC for the People

Brooklyn’s Ambassadors of Love serve up 18 new songs - No waiting! TMBG's new release Join Us is available from their site in either MP3 or FLAC (lossless) format for one low price of $9.99.  (Vinyl available for one low price of $15.) MMT is pleased to see bands such as TMBG and OK Go [...]

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Free Bleu! (from Four)

To my friends, I leave my power chords ~ Bleu - "Dead in the Mornin" Four If you're a fan of power pop, you should also be a fan of Bleu.  And if you didn't get introduced through last year's Free Friday feature, here's a second chance.  Take it!

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#SXSW Ate my Flickrstream!! (And my YouTube Channel)

With new sets featuring The Bravery, Panic! at the Disco, and Tres Mts., the MMT flickrstream is now composed entirely of SXSW shots: And with new video of The Strokes performing "Last Nite" and an extended edition of "Shooting Holes" from Twin Shadow, the MMT YouTube channel has been gobbled up as [...]

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Cover my World #5: The Beatles Complete on Ukelele

We last looked at the Best Covers of 2010.  Before that was a list of covers that eclipse the originals.  We started with artists covering themselves and Amanda Palmer’s ukulele take on Radiohead.  Now we begin 2011 with the most ambitious cover project we have yet discovered (via Interstate Live). The Beatles Complete on Ukulele [...]

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The White Stripes: Officially Ended

The White Stripes announced that "today, February 2nd, 2011, their band has officially ended and will make no further new recordings or perform live." The White Stripes do not belong to Meg and Jack anymore. The White Stripes belong to you now and you can do with it whatever you want. The beauty of art [...]

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