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Future of Music Summit in DC: October 28-29, 2013

Future of Music Coaltition examines how to improve the music ecosystem 2013 marks the 12th Future of Music Summit, which will again be held at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. for academics, entrepreneurs, fans, lawyers, managers, marketers, musicians, policy makers, students, and technologists. Future of Music Coalition (FMC), a national education, research, and advocacy nonprofit [...]

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How Music Works: digital edition – what have we lost?

Byrne, Bookstores, and Black Friday Do you miss bookstores? I do. In a letter to subscribers announcing the eBook availability of How Music Works, David Byrne shares his conflicted feelings about the digital edition: I like eBooks. I like physical books, too. It's sad to watch bookstores disappear as more and more folks buy their [...]

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Google Docs and deep thoughts on Spotify from Zoë Keating

MMT Featured Artist Zoë Keating updated her Spotify spreadsheet with some deep thoughts today, and not much has changed since we checked in around a year ago.  Despite reports about big increases in Spotify payouts, the average per stream appears stuck at a fraction of a penny. Spotify Accounting: October 2001 - March 2012 Below [...]

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DC Music Industry Meet-Up at Artomatic 5/31/2012

6:30 - 10 PM in Crystal City: Free Registration on Eventbrite The Metro Music Source will partner with Artomatic 2012 to host its monthly music industry meet-up event. The event takes place on Thursday, May 31st at Artomatic and features a panel discussion on social media marketing for musicians (part of Artomatic’s professional [...]

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Erin McKeown and Slung-lo: Whose hit is it anyway?

Where does inspiration stop and infringement begin? Erin McKeown is a two-time MMT Fammy winner, featured performer, and former Free Friday pick. And she writes hit songs. Allegedly. You'll see. Her essay below originally appeared in Techdirt, where it garnered over 140 comments, split between supporters and detractors of her copyright suit. Over on, [...]

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SXSW debrief at DC Music Industry Meetup on 3/29/2012

The Metro Music Source & DC Setlist will be hosting a SXSW debrief panel discussion this Thursday, March 29th at The Dunes as part of their monthly music industry meet-up event. Fresh from their return from Austin, Texas, Ryan Holladay of BLUEBRAIN, the Listen Local First team, and promoter Sasha Lord will be sharing their [...]

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Free HD video production and global distribution for your music If you're making music the world needs to hear, and your best concert footage was captured on a flip-phone, you should check out Founded by brothers Chris and Nick Hansen, works with emerging artists to capture performances in HD video and high-quality audio [...]

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Neil Young on living in the low-rez world

"We can't control the back end of the donkey." In this clip from the D: Dive Into Media conference, Neil Young begins by saying "My goal is to try to rescue the art form that I've been practicing for the past 50 years." He goes on to talk about  preserving the album format, how piracy is [...]

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