Theory 101: Building Piano Chords

Here's Nate again, this time with a lesson on building chords in the key of G Major.  From the last lesson on scales and the circle of fifths, you'll remember that the key of G Major has one sharp: F#.  So the scale runs as follows: G-A-B-C-D-E-F#-G. The most basic chord is a triad, which [...]

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Play > The Scientist by Coldplay

Nate provides a two-part lesson for this one.  After teaching the original piano part, he shows you how to fill in the melody to play it as a solo piano piece without vocals.  And if you've ever heard me sing, you will really appreciate that. How To Play The Scientist - Part 1 How to [...]

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Practice > Scales and the Circle of Fifths

Now comes the exciting part! I knew it was hard to make scales exciting, but trying to find a good tutorial on YouTube tells me it may be impossible.  There are some high quality demonstrations of individual scales on pianolessons.com, but the introduction is missing some key information.  Go ahead and watch it, then come [...]

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Play > Don’t Stop Believin’

True Love, Ironic Pleasure, or Gag me with a spoon? Now matter how you feel about the song, there's no denying that Don't Stop Believin' came back in a big way.  And it's stayed back.  From the Soprano's finale to Broadway's Rock of Ages to Glee, it just can't be avoided.  In 2008, Journey's iconic [...]

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Theory 101: Basic Intervals

Type "music intervals" into Google and you get over 5 million results, most of them useless.  They are either too long or too complicated or of poor quality or just plain wrong.  The best introduction to intervals I found was at pianolessons.com.  The YouTube video is below, or you can see the video along with [...]

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Theory 101: Why is it called middle C?

Because it's in the middle? Well, yeah, but the middle of what?  A quick google reveals several wrong answers: the middle of the keyboard, the middle of the 8 C notes on a piano. There are 88 notes on a standard piano keyboard, and middle C is the 40th note.  With an even number of [...]

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