Play > Hey Ya! by OutKast

One Two Three Uh! Here's an easy guitar song lesson from the generous Justin Sandercoe.  Four open chords, a simple strumming pattern, and a measure of 2/4 to mix things up. Listen to Hey Ya! on Jango Lyrics to Hey Ya! More Easy Guitar Songs Once you've got this down Justin has two sets of [...]

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Practice > 8 Essential Guitar Chords

If you're a beginning guitarist, this is the place to start.  Do as Justin suggests and learn the open D, A, and E chords first.  With those, you can play a few hundred songs.  Add the next five, and you can play a few thousand.  As always, the video supplements are thorough and helpful.  Here's [...]

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Practice > Minor Pentatonic Scale on Guitar

While keyboard players typically begin their scale studies with C Major, guitarists should consider starting out with the A minor pentatonic scale.  Justin Sandercoe offers an excellent introduction to a scale that is used the world over in all different kinds of music. In America, this scale is most closely identified with the blues. It [...]

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Free Friday: Austin Edition

SXSW Music Mix and Free Dave Sebree mp3 Download The 2010 South by Southwest music festival will be held in Austin from March 17 -21, featuring over 1,000 acts.  The Music staff at NPR picked out 100 songs for a six-and-a-half-hour mix that is well worth a listen. The Austin 100: A SXSW Mix For [...]

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Podcasts: Music Theory for Guitarists

This is an excellent series of podcasts on Guitar Music Theory available for free on iTunes. Taught by Desi Sarna, the author of Fretboard Theory, they are best for intermediate and advanced players. Lessons include pentatonic and major scale patterns, chord inversions and arpeggio patterns with the CAGED system.

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Play > Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

This Green Day number is a popular song for beginners, which means its also a popular song for YouTube tutorials.  Of the thousands out there, I like this one best.  The low-key approach of the guitar-in-a-nutshell guy helps you build up the song and picking patterns section by section.  Be sure to tune up before [...]

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How to Tune a Guitar to Itself

Elephants and Donkeys Get Big Ears Tuning a guitar to itself is an important skill for all guitarists, and this tutorial has a slow-paced, methodical approach that is just right for a beginner.  If you're even halfway serious, you should go out and buy an electronic tuner.  If you have to save up for one, [...]

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NAMM Gem #1: Souldier Straps

Some of the best stuff was tucked against the back walls or in the basement of the 2010 NAMM show. First up, Souldier guitar straps.  These are handmade in Chicago using recycled seatbelts and vintage fabric.  The one that caught our eye was made with the same material originally used for one of Jimi Hendrix's [...]

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