Andrew York – Equations of Beauty

From Andrew York: “The Equations of Beauty” is a six-movement suite, and each movement is named for a mathematical constant or variable. The names are h, e, π, i, ∞ and c. These symbols stand for the smallest, the fastest, the infinite, the beautiful and mystical transcendental, irrational and imaginary numbers; all the utmost extremes [...]

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In Sorrow’s Wake

Where words fail, music speaks. ~ Hans Christian Andersen One month ago today, two of our dearest friends lost their only child in a car accident. Andrew York performed "In Sorrow's Wake" at the memorial service.

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Andrew York solo flight: a Kickstarter Classical Music Project

MMT featured artist Andrew York wants to release his next recording without a label, and is using Kickstarter to make it happen.  He set a modest goal, and after one day is more than half way there.  Get a preview of the music below, where Andy explains his preparations and plans for the project.

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Animals As Leaders release new album: Weightless

The Future is Here Instrumental metal progressive math rockers Animals as Leaders released Weightless on November 8th.  This is their second album on Prosthetic Records, a follow up to their self-titled debut from 2009. And if you're wondering what instrumental metal progressive math rock sounds like, play the SoundCloud clip and continue reading. [soundcloud url="" [...]

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Andrew York: MMT Featured Artist

Sure, any two guitarists can perform Andrew York's "Sanzen-in", but two marimbas -- now that's something special.  We introduced Grammy-winning guitarist/composer Andrew York as a Free Friday pick last year. Now we are proud to announce our Grammy-winning friend and former schoolmate/bandmate as the second performer with a featured artist page on My Music Thing.  [...]

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Auto-Tune for Guitar: The end of the world as we know it

Rebecca Black shreds, Jeff Beck retires... Like the apocalypse, auto-tune for guitar is coming -- it's just a matter of when.  We tried to get the release date, but Harold Camping was unavailable at press time.  For now, it's technology, not a product. From the people who brought you the Exxon Valdez The most recent [...]

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Then and Now: Music on the small screen…

Ready to Rumble: A Birthday Tribute to Link Wray Like some other guitar pioneers who came out of Washington DC, Link Wray was an artist who garnered more respect from other musicians than from the general public. (See also: Danny Gatton, and "The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World", Roy Buchanan.)  Born as Fred Lincoln [...]

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iPhone Performance Apps: iShred, Guitar & PianoStudio

FDG Celebrates Verizon on iPhone with Music Apps Sale To welcome Verizon iPhone users, Frontier Design Group (FDG) has all of their music apps on sale this week for $0.99.  That's an 80% discount for iShred, GuitarStudio, and PianoStudio, which are normally priced at $4.99. If you miss the sale, go ahead and spend the [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Musicians and Music Lovers #1

Check the How-to-Buy guides if you're interested in gifting drums, keyboards, a guitar or bass. #1: Gifts Under $100 What can you get for less than $30?  How about a professional musical instrument that is played by the likes of Bob Dylan and John Popper? There are thousands of harmonicas out there, some cheap, some [...]

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