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Marvin Stamm – Improvisation for Beginners

Most people have only heard Marvin Stamm on Paul McCartney's first no. 1 hit after the Beatles: "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" from Ram. Marv plays the flugelhorn solo that leads into "Hands across the water..."  In this video, Marv talks about emotional and intellectual approaches to improvisation.

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Love (and other) songs for Mom

CHARTattack has a nice Mother's Day playlist with 10 songs about moms of all types.  For "Mother, Mother", they ask the question: "What has alt.rock songstress Tracy Bonham been up to since the '90s?"  Quite a bit, actually. There's a slicker VEVO version, but I like the original with Tracy's mom cleaning the [...]

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Planetary Update: Starring Zoe Keating

Just heard from the folks at Bloom, and wanted to share a video they are featuring for the Planetary app we wrote about yesterday.  The demo uses a cut from MMT featured artist Zoe Keating.  Enjoy! Planetary (voiceover) from Bloom Studio, Inc. on Vimeo.

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Five things that make the Fab Faux fabulous

Fabulous. Fantastic. Phenomenal. This month marks the thirteenth anniversary of the faux five, which puts them a couple years past what the fab four were able to manage.  What is it that keeps them together, and has kept their fans coming back for well over a decade? The Fab Faux played Lisner Auditorium in Washington, [...]

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Record Store Day! April 16, 2011

  Record Store Day is the third Saturday in April, which means this year the festivities take place on April 16, 2011.  Click on the official seal of for an impassioned plea from Ambassador Ozzy Osborne. Go! Now!! Here's what you need to know: Participating Stores Special Releases Artist Quotes   This is the one [...]

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Tweet for Tickets: Fab Faux at Lisner in DC – 4/15/11

We have a winner! Congratulations to Carlos Pinto for correctly guessing the card that was hidden here. "I can't even begin to describe how elated I am over the fact that I'm going to have the opportunity to watch the Fab Faux perform Sgt. Pepper (one of my favorite albums) and meet them afterwards!  Thanks, [...]

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