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Occupy Musicians launches website

Invites all musicians to join in support of the Occupy movement Occupy musicians launched a campaign to support Occupy Wall Street and the global campaign against income inequality.  Musicians who have signed up include Lou Reed, Amanda Palmer, and DC's Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto (Fugazi).  Here's the invite from Are you a working [...]

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Moby: Destroyed – pictures at an exhibition

Appearing in DC and at Moogfest in Asheville, NC Moby's insomnia brings us a new album: Destroyed, and an accompanying book of photographs with the same title. Both the music and the photographs were composed while Moby was on tour, and reflect the mundane and magnificent moments of that experience. I'm able to convey the [...]

By | October 25th, 2011|Gig Bag|

Apple Employees and the Trevor Project: “It Gets Better”

In addition to being rated as the top gay-friendly brand in tech, Apple was an early supporter of domestic partnership benefits.  From a 1994 post: Our position was to make our benefits equitable,” says Bill Keegan, spokesperson for Apple Computer Inc., which made same-sex domestic partner benefits available to its 12,500 employees worldwide last year. [...]

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OK Go: “Do What You Want” at the Kennedy Center

Twitter-sourced video premieres on Kennedy Center ArtsEdge Channel On June 23, OK Go took the stage at the Kennedy Center to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Millennium Stage and the release of their live album: 180/365.  That’s 180 live shows over the course of a year. My Music Thing was part of a twitter-sourced [...]

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Best of Future of Music Policy Summit 2011: The Fammys

 Here they are: the 2nd annual Fammy Awards.  Sadly, My IT Thing only allowed for one day of attendance at this year's event, so most day 2 winners will have to receive their awards at a separate ceremony.  (Make your nominations in the comments below.)  Let the pageantry begin! Best Reporting:  Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune [...]

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DC Local Music Day is here! You should be too!

Visit participating locations for a taste of local music and other good things Today - October 5, 2011, local businesses across the city will stream a playlist featuring the albums of eight local artists.  Visit a participating location to show your support for local music, then head to The Dunes for the launch party at [...]

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Live Stream: Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit 2011

The Future of Music Coalition presents the second and final day of The Future of Music Policy Summit 2011. The Summit brings together an incredible array of musicians, arts advocates, policymakers, technologists, media representatives and industry figures to discuss issues at the intersection of music, technology, policy and law. Attendees will examine current trends while [...]

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Belgium: Meet Jane Lui, San Diego’s famous chanteuse

Cover My World #7: History of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics We introduced Jane Lui last week with her mashup of Moves Like Jagger and Rainbow Connection.  Now she returns for an unprecedented second consecutive appearance in the Cover My World series.  Yes, she's THAT good. This edition finds her outside of LuieLand taking a chronological [...]

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Future of Music Coalition Showcase at IOTA: 10/2 – 8 PM

The Silver Liners, Paul Pfau, Margot MacDonald, & PHZ-Sicks The lineup is set for the Future of Music Coalition's Local Music Showcase Sunday night at IOTA, and it's all good: MMT featured artist Margot MacDonald - read our story on her IndieGoGo campaign  Hip hop artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced Physics) - go to Bandcamp for a [...]

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