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The second album from MMT Featured Artist Goldheart Assembly has been available in the UK since July 1st, but here in the MMT homeland we are still seeing:

itemnotavailableThe video for the first single can also be a bit tricky to find, so we have done the undercover work and bring it to you with one-click secret service.

Now you can see why the Guardian opined:

At heart the Assembly are still all about disarmingly beautiful harmonies, with an ethereal sense of melancholy…

~ Dave Simpson, The Guardian

If you’re looking for something a bit more upbeat, check out the new single “Into Desparate Arms” on YouTube.  For our London brethren and sistren, Friday 25 October is your chance to see the lads accompanied by string quartet and brass section at Islington Assembly Hall.

We will be sure to let you know when LDSE is available in America, but if you’re in a hurry, you can grab an import CD from Amazon.

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SXSW: Showcase > Panel > House Concert – All Bleu, All the Time

It’s all about the songs. Forget The Voice, American Idol, X Factor.  There are plenty of talented singers out there, but can any of them write a song that will be remembered fifteen minutes from now?  That’s where Bleu comes in.

A Berklee graduate, William James McAuley III crafts pop songs that are clever without being cloying, and with hooks that are deserving of the name.  Power Pop, Alt-Pop, Pop Rock and sometimes just Pop — Bleu delivers catchy songs with style, substance and an extra bit of bleuness.

We first featured Bleu in a Free Friday: Power Pop Edition that served up ‘Could Be Worse’ from Redhead.  NPR picked Redhead as one of the top ten records of 2003.  Since then, he’s written songs for himself, his bands, and a diverse set of artists including Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Hanson, and Meatloaf.

But the best stuff is on his own albums, most recently Four – which won the 2010 Kickstarter Award for Best Music Project, and is currently up for Best Independent Pop Album.  (Voting instructions here.)  Bleu has described the album as a more adult version of Redhead, with “a lot of weirdly morbid, upbeat stuff.”  Try track 4. (Dead in the Mornin’) for a sample.

Can’t get enough Bleu? You can sample other performances and get more information from Bleu’s featured artist profile, available from the dropdown list at the top of each page and previewed below.  Oh, and you can watch the debut of his new music video with doppelgänger and Weeds star Justin Kirk.  And you can see him at SXSW.  Enough already!

[click through for full profile]

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photo: David J Dowling

Bleu’s SXSW Schedule

If you’re lucky enough to be in Austin this week, you can find Bleu there too:

Wed 3/14 at 3pm
Showcase: Quantum Collective presents: Filmmakers Alliance Acoustic BBQ at the Section 101 Launchpad
[Looks to be sold out.]

Wed 3/14 at 8pm
Showcase: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society & popantipop SXSW 2012 party – SEA NOW!
The Brew Exchange
706 West 6th St.
click the link above to RSVP!

Thur 3/15 at 2:45pm
Official SXSW Panel: Age of the Benefactor: The 21st Century Fan Club
Room 17B
Austin Convention Center
(you’re gonna need a badge)

Sun 3/18 from 5-8ish pm
Austin House Concert – at the home of Sarah Sharp and Buffalo Speedway
6503 Auburnhill St
Austin, Tx 78723
Doors 5pm. Concert at 6pm.
Advanced tix here via PayPal for $15

An Alt-Classical Artist for the 21st Century

We first featured Zoë Keating as a Free Friday pick in 2010.  Last year she received more mentions in MMT than any other artist — largely due to a guest post she wrote for us: “Zoe Keating on Spotify, Apple and Independents (and lettuce).”

In addition to being at the vanguard of alt-classical music, she has become a leading light for the DIY movement and unofficial spokesperson for indie musicians.  As the handcrafted artisan music blog at the intersection of art, commerce, and technology, Zoë’s story and music have a special resonance with MMT.

Stage fright steered her away from a career as a classical performer and into a liberal arts education at Sarah Lawrence College.  After college, Zoë strengthened her tech skills through the tuition of several dot-com startups while moonlighting as a musician.

Then the dot-com bust provided an opportunity to work at music full-time while doing information architecture on the side.  Everything converged around the cello and MacBook Pro.  Although limiting at first, through advances in technology she is now “dealing with the repercussions of being able to do almost anything.”  And she has dealt with those repercussions quite well — producing music and managing her career with fierce independence and great success.

You can sample some performances and get more information from her featured artist profile, available from the dropdown list at the top of each page and previewed below.

 [click through for full profile]

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zoë keating photo: nadya lev

street signs: steve jobs keynote from the ipad launch

Walking down 6th street in Austin, it was James Dale’s  voice that called me up to the 512 Rooftop.

Once there, it was all of Goldheart Assembly that won me over with strong melodies, tight harmonies, and well-crafted pop songs.  Their performance earned them the MMT Sammy Award for Best Debut (Foreign) at SXSW 2011.

Goldheart Assembly released their debut album Wolves and Thieves in 2010, and are working on a followup for release in Spring 2012.  You can sample some performances and get more information from their featured artist profile, available from the dropdown list at the top of each page and previewed below.

[hover and click targets for more info]

Wolves and Thieves - Goldheart Assembly

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Bust out your inner Cee Lo as the Executive Producer of Margot’s new CD

We first featured Margot MacDonald last December when she played a Christmas show at the Rock & Roll Hotel in DC.  Christmas came early this year, and Margot is hoping for a little something from her fans to help complete her new recording.  In return, you can score a pre-release download of the new album, a limited edition vinyl pressing, a live performance, or a stocking full of other goodies.

We wrote about her recording project here — and she’s almost half-way there — but time is running out.  Visit IndieGoGo to hear Margot talk about her vision for the new album, and get more details on the available packages.

We are thrilled add Margot to the MMT Featured Artists roster, available from the dropdown list at the top of each page.   Sample some performances and get more information from her Feature Artist page which is previewed below.

snow photo by Brandon Wu

[hover and click targets for more info]

featured artist photo: Francesco Sapienza

Pretty white girl purveys psychedelic pop with a sci-fi edge

We first featured Erin Hill as one of the “Five things that make the Fab Faux fabulous“.  In addition to her work with the Fab Faux, Erin has sung and played with Kanye, moby, Enya, a-ha, Cyndi Lauper, Randy Newman, and a long list of other artists.

Erin bills herself as a “singer, harpist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, screenwriter, actor and science fiction geek.”  She has appeared on and off Broadway, in films, and on television as the pretty white girl from “Chappelle’s Show”.

A woman of diverse interests and many talents, she is bringing them all together with a Kickstarter project to make sci-fi music video album.  The video album will accompany her next CD release: “Girl Inventor”, which is available for pre-order by making a pledge on her project page before November 16, 2011.

You can find her featured artist page here, or by by selecting her name from the Featured Artists dropdown list at the top of each page.  Be sure to hover over the photo and click the targets for more stuff, including “Giant Mushrooms” the first sci-fi video from the new album.

Andrew York: MMT Featured Artist

October 18, 2011

Sure, any two guitarists can perform Andrew York’s “Sanzen-in”, but two marimbas — now that’s something special.  We introduced Grammy-winning guitarist/composer Andrew York as a Free Friday pick last year. Now we are proud to announce our Grammy-winning friend and former schoolmate/bandmate as the second performer with a featured artist page on My Music Thing.  […]

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Esperanza Spalding Premieres MMT Featured Artist Pages

October 12, 2011

Chamber Music Society Tour Coming to PA, NJ and DC October 14, 15 & 16 Esperanza Spalding may have just been ranked #24 in the Root 100, but we are proud to present her as the first performer with a featured artist page on My Music Thing.  We have been planning to provide a more […]

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