If you’ve been watching the Grammys lately, you know they are now now dominated by dance routines, light shows, acrobatic stunts and other stagecraft.  Occasionally, some music slips in.

For many, Esperanza Spalding’s best new artist Grammy last Sunday was a rare win for music, musicians, and musicianship.  But not everyone was pleased, as Justin Bieber’s followers rushed to hack her Wikipedia page.  Although Justin was gracious backstage, he might consider talking down his more rabid fans.

The Beliebers also took to Twitter, Yahoo, and other sites to make their feelings known. For a taste of the debate, MMT brings you two Brits arguing the merits of Justin Bieber vs. Esperanza Spalding for the best new artist Grammy while riding the DC Metro.  (Almost) all of the dialog is drawn from online comments posted by their fans.

Rated 13+ for language, sexual innuendo, and naked self-promotion.