Here they are: the 2nd annual Fammy Awards.  Sadly, My IT Thing only allowed for one day of attendance at this year’s event, so most day 2 winners will have to receive their awards at a separate ceremony.  (Make your nominations in the comments below.)  Let the pageantry begin!

Best Reporting:  Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune – the real deal.

Best URL: (say it three times fast!) – check it out, more on this later.

Best Slideshow: Phil McCarty, – you had to be there.

Best Public Shaming: Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick): “Why is that guy sleeping in the front row? WTF!” (Begins pelting offender with guitar picks.)

Best Panelist: Erin McKeown – always keeps things interesting.

Best Sponsor: Gibson – for hosting the party at the fabulous Gibson Guitar Showroom in DC.

Best-loved Presenter: J Sider, CEO and Founder, RootMusic – even though the technology couldn’t keep up with his presentation, the musicians in the crowd lavished their love on the man who helps them navigate the hell that is Facebook Pages.

Best-loved Public Servant: Michael J. Copps, outgoing FCC Commissioner – “a true advocate for the public interest”.

Best stand-up comedy: Rep. Bob Goodlatte – prepared comedy was much better than prepared speech.

Best Tweets (Day 1): Jodie Griffen @jgriffenpk – that was some damn good tweeting.

Best Tweets (Day 2): Martyn Griffen @GriffenPK – it’s a conspiracy!

Best Return Engagement: Gigi Sohn, President of Public Knowledge – smart, sharp, and to the point.

Updated: Best iPhone Video: MMT and Margot MacDonald for “To the Ground“:

Photos of all the showcase artists can be seen here.  Many of our winners are pictured in the slideshow below.  No flash?  No problem.  iPad users can see the photos here.