Rebecca Black shreds, Jeff Beck retires…

Like the apocalypse, auto-tune for guitar is coming — it’s just a matter of when.  We tried to get the release date, but Harold Camping was unavailable at press time.  For now, it’s technology, not a product.

From the people who brought you the Exxon Valdez

The most recent version of ATG-6 was introduced at a technology press preview where Harmony Central dubbed Andy Hildebrand, Antares CEO and Chief (Mad?) Scientist, as the “destroyer of music as we know it, thanks to his invention of Auto-Tune…”

Product specialist Max Mobely described the demo unit as a “$99 guitar with about $40,000 worth of technology”.  The magic first happens at the 2:00 mark, where Max strums a fiercely out-of-tune guitar, and ATG-6 quickly brings everything to pitch.  It all happens electronically: no knobs, gears, or cantilevers.

In addition to standard and alternate tunings, ATG-6 will watch over your pitch bends to make sure they end up in tune.  For this demonstration, Antares used MIDI Touch for the iPad to control the settings of the on-board dual-processor computer.

Although we will have to wait for the production units to hear what will ship at a price below $40K, the preview rig appeared to have zero latency with none of the digital artifacts present in the vocal version of Auto-Tune.  And while the Gibson “Robot Guitar” offers seven factory presets, the ATG-6 can go way below “Drop D” to morph into a bass guitar.