Play > Practice > Record:  Add a 4-Track Studio with Effects for $9.99

The new free version of AmpliTube for iPhone includes a single-track recorder, but make no mistake, the reason you want to install this is to get a portable recording studio for $9.99.  We introduced the iRig about six months ago, and AmpliTube for iPad a couple months after that.

The new iPhone version of AmpliTube is available in the App Store now and has improved audio quality, new effects, and a 4-track studio available as an in-app purchase.  (A new iPad version is under development.)

The recording studio uses a virtual 4-track cassette recorder for the user interface, and continues the tradition of abstracting hardware that used to sell for hundreds of dollars and putting it in an iOS device for under ten bucks.  Wow.

Whether you’re a solo songwriter or full band, the new 4 track recorder feature gives you a complete professional recording studio within AmpliTube for recording and producing complete songs.

Each discreet track has Volume, Pan, Insert FX and Send FX controls.

Volume Pan Insert FX Send FX

When you record with the new recorder, the tracks are recorded “dry” which allows you to go back and experiment and tweak the sound to perfection using the AmpliTube signal chain tools.

The Send FX allows you to adjust depth and ambience using the Reverb effect which is available in the new Master FX section. Reverb can be applied independently with separate controls on each track, allowing you to create huge, lush sonic spaces in your recordings.

The Master FX section also allows you to apply a Master EQ and Master Compressor (taken from our award winning T-RackS 3 mixing and mastering tools suite) on your entire mix, adding the polish and “glue” needed to give your recording that professionally produced sound.

The new recorder also offers an extremely flexible environment:

  • you can import in each of the track songs and compositions imported from the Song section to play along with them and use for your compositions
  • when you run out of available tracks you can easily bounce all tracks into one track to keep recording, providing a limitless number of tracks
  • you can work, save and recall multiple project mixes and export them at will to the Song section, or to your computer via iTunes using the new file sharing function as 44 kHz/16 bit stereo WAV audio file, or conveniently sent by email as an MP3 file.

~ IK Multimedia