Cover My World #6: Maroon 5 Meet the Muppets with Moves Like Jagger

It’s refreshing to have your expectations not just exceeded but upended and turned inside-out.   After spending a little time in LuieLand watching clever mash-ups of cover songs, I thought I had this Jane Lui thing figured out.

Then I went over to MOG and listened to her latest album Goodnight Company  The song styles are constantly shifting, while managing the neat trick of sounding both meticulously crafted and effortlessly performed. Classically trained in voice and piano, her compositions mix those influences with soul, pop, and r&b, then throw in bits of Broadway and Dixieland to keep you guessing.

At times her voice is layered (“Edelweiss“) and accompanied by an eclectic chamber ensemble that includes an accordian, strings, piano, celeste, percussion, and synths.  (Check out the Casio SK-1 in the clip below!)  On other songs, her voice is laid bare against a single acoustic piano or guitar (“Yellow Light“, “Illusionist Boy“).  No matter the context, the vocals sound pure, natural, and unforced.

Jane just started a tour that includes stops and meetups in NY, DC, and Europe. If you can’t make one of the shows below, check out her music on CD Baby, or spend a little time in LuieLand.

Sep 22 NYC NYmonsters meetup: Grand Army Plaza Statue view
Sep 25 Washington DC DCmonsters meetup: Mitsitam Cafe view
Sep 29 London Regal Room view
Oct 01 London Londonmonsters meetup: Hyde Park view
Oct 04 Zurich Cafe Henrici view
Oct 04 Zurich Zurichmonsters meetup: Cafe Henrici view
Oct 08 Brugge Bruggemonsters meetup: Cafe Vlissinghe view
Oct 10 Lille Le Biplan // La Cave view
Oct 11 Amsterdam Jet Lounge view