Now available in a country near you! (Maybe)

If you live in the US, it’s looking like it will take some work (or at least some driving) to get a 2BOX Electronic Drum System under the tree this Christmas.  Meanwhile, it’s a 2BOX in every pot for our neighbors to the north.  We have been tracking US availability ever since naming the 2BOX DrumIt Five as the Best New Product at the 2010 NAMM show.  The latest from Bengt:

  • Still no US distributor
  • They do have distribution in Canada
  • The MKII version adds some hardware and software improvements (details below)
  • Price is now 2,298 Euros

MMT got in touch with the Canadian distributor, who sent us to a couple retail outlets, and this is what we’ve learned so far:

  • AXE has kits in stock for $2,554 (Canadian), but does not ship outside of Canada
  • Steve’s Music does not show any 2BOX products on its site yet, and has not responded to questions about shipping to the US

The kit pictured on AXE is an older model, so if you’re interested, check with the store before making the drive to Edmonton.  The new MKII version is pictured below, along with details on the improvements.


• Improved rack stand offering better stability and a sturdier look
• Better Hihat stand (it was already introduced in Batch 3)
• Improved Pedal – an extra screw is added for secure fastening of the pedal plate
• New kick pad design reduces acoustic noise.
• Improved mounting of the floating rim. (5 holders instead of previous 3)
• Separate snare stand
• Drum kit is now shipped in 3 boxes. (Pedals and snare stand are packed in a separate box).

• The Unit is now shipped with 1.10 software.
• Drum kits are updated with the new features.

• Metronome
• Effect Unit (multi tap delay)
• Remix – improved mixing features
• Output assign – 8 outputs possible
• Changed Cymbal triggering for better separation between bell and bow.
• Un‐ dynamic trigger curves
• New envelope mode
• Undo/Redo function
• Quicker Kit load time

Now that it ships in 3 boxes, will they have to change the name?