The 1% Edition – gifts under $4,000

The Anvil “Alloy Convertible” Turntable – $1,600

Finally, an heirloom quality turntable with a cast iron plinth (base) and a proprietary cast alloy non-magnetic platter.  Made in Detroit, USA.

Sennheiser HD800 Headphones – $1,499.95


Calling these “headphones” simply will not do. For this is the Sennheiser HD800 Over-Ear Circum-Aural Dynamic Premiere Headphone. Handcrafted in Germany, they come with their own story.

The story of the Sennheiser HD 800 began with a dream: of developing headphones that go way beyond conventional equipment to become music phones, or even perfect sound phones. The dream of creating a hi-fi device that sounds as brilliant, clear, and undistorted as if you were sitting right next to the source. The dream of creating an acoustic experience more incredible than anything ever heard through dynamic headphones: in spheres that no other category is capable of reaching–right there where perfection begins.

Did they succeed in bringing this dream to life?  They did for Bob Lefsetz:

And the organ on the Black Crowes’ “Thorn In My Pride” is a revelation, you can literally see it. Truly. Music video gives you the illusion you’re closer to the music, but on the HD 800s you don’t even have to close your eyes, you can literally see the instrument, the blond wood, the placement of the fingers.

~ Bob Lefsetz

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harpejji (K24) – $3,999

The harpejji is a tapping instrument with a keyboard-inspired playing surface capable of producing chord intervals that are impossible to play on a guitar or piano.  All chords and scales of a particular type have the same geometric shape, so you can easily shift up, down, left, or right to play them with a different root.

The harpejji comes from Marcodi Musical Products of Baltimore, MD, and is hand-crafted in the USA.  Blending the worlds of guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussive tapping, the harpejji brings benefits to all the musicians on your list.

Keyboardists will realize these and many more benefits with the harpejji:

  • The Real Thing – The timeless and organic sound of real strings
  • More Control – The expressive nuance of direct string contact (sliding, bending, muting, vibrato, etc.)
  • EZ IvoriesTM – This marking system identifies all notes via a piano’s black and white color code
  • EZ OctavesTM – Double your interval reach on a piano
  • Add it to your Rig – No need to stop playing the keys. Add the harpejji as a new tier to your normal keyboard setup.

Bassists will enjoy:

  • The choice to cover a one-note bass line, or play full songs by yourself
  • Percussive Tapping – The percussive strengths of a tapping instrument
  • Fuller range of notes – A range deeper than a 5-string bass and wider than a 10-string bass

Guitarists will find that the harpejji is unlike anything they have ever heard:

  • Unique Tone – A tone and sound that blends well yet is distinct from all other instruments
  • The power of 10-finger compositions – Utilize all 10 digits for new and creative musical compositions
  • New Chords – New chord intervals that are impossible to play on guitar (or piano)
  • Two Parts from one Musician – The ability to cover guitar and bass parts at the same time