Andrew York – Equations of Beauty

From Andrew York: “The Equations of Beauty” is a six-movement suite, and each movement is named for a mathematical constant or variable. The names are h, e, π, i, ∞ and c. These symbols stand for the smallest, the fastest, the infinite, the beautiful and mystical transcendental, irrational and imaginary numbers; all the utmost extremes [...]

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The sound of interstellar space and how to fold space-time

The marvelous Maria Popova recently brought two stories on space and sound to our attention. First, NASA informed the citizens of earth today that Voyager has made it to interstellar space (about 12 billion miles away), and sent us this sound of an explosion on the sun. Then, a video tutorial on how to fold [...]

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Bleu: To Hell With You on tour September 11-19, 2013

Tour starts right this minute, will end before you know it PledgeMusic is sponsoring their first-ever tour, starring MMT Featured Artist and capitalization anarchist Bleu. All of this is part of a vast conspiracy to promote his fifth album To Hell With You.  THWY trades in power-pop for electro-pop, with well-reviewed results. If you don't know Bleu [...]

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Future of Music Summit in DC: October 28-29, 2013

Future of Music Coaltition examines how to improve the music ecosystem 2013 marks the 12th Future of Music Summit, which will again be held at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. for academics, entrepreneurs, fans, lawyers, managers, marketers, musicians, policy makers, students, and technologists. Future of Music Coalition (FMC), a national education, research, and advocacy nonprofit [...]

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Goldheart Assembly: Long Distance Song Effects

The second album from MMT Featured Artist Goldheart Assembly has been available in the UK since July 1st, but here in the MMT homeland we are still seeing: The video for the first single can also be a bit tricky to find, so we have done the undercover work and bring it to you with [...]

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The Inaugural Millennial Ball + Inauguration Eve at M Central

LLF Partners with M Central to bring Music to Inauguration Weekend Listen Local First (LLF) is joining forces with M Central to bring music to the 2013 Millennial Base Camp Celebration in DC.  M Central is a pop-up art + creative space at 700 H Street NE  that will serve as the most accessible and [...]

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oneTesla: a DIY Singing Tesla Coil

"We all share a love of high voltage, and a belief that doing is the best way of learning." A DIY kit for a solid-state Tesla coil that plays music, shoots 2-foot-long sparks, and teaches you electronics. Have some extra Christmas cash? Then treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of learning - [...]

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